My Life Spring Tour 2011

<h6>First tour in Sweden for the children of Dandora </h6>

First tour in Sweden for the children of Dandora

All of us - actors and Globetree - are nervous before the opening performance in the Falkenberg Theatre - a city south of Sweden. No need to worry! The young audience gave long applauses and asked many questions afterwards. My Life is a success!

The performance My Life has premiere in Falkenberg Theatre – a city south of Sweden in April. All are nervous. Will they like it? Can they understand our English? Will they stand up and leave? The Premiere is a success! All seats are taken and you can hear a needle fall – all are taken by the performance. Long applauses and many questions. – They seem to think we live in the bush. They should come to Dandora. Yes, we are poor and we live a tough life but we also have a lot of fun, says Aneta. My Life is performed in many cities in Sweden from the south to the north. Long travels. Milcah think Sweden is cold. She is freezing. – But everyone is so friendly. I already have many friends! Jackson loves the food and wants to move to Sweden. Dennis loves Sweden is such an organized country. – When the performance shall start at 9 it starts at 9. I like that. Small Vivian loves milk and she drinks a lot! She wants to be a model and plan to be that in Sweden in the future. At Easter all in My Life are invited to Swedish families. They get a lot of food and many Easter Eggs! Before leaving Sweden get a lot of clothes and presents for their families. – Can we come back and have another tour? We say yes – many wish to see My Life!

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