Programs in the Globetree

Study tours to Kenya

About 700 persons have participated in Globetree Study Tours for 16 years to Indonesia and later to Colombia and Brazil. 2001 the cooperation with UN in Nairobi started and the Study Tours to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Since 2011 the Study Tour focus on Dandora, a suburb of Nairobi where you find the biggest dumpsites of Africa. Children of Dandora participate in the planning and are guides in their environment. The tour also includes a visit to the Children’s Meeting Place at the United Nations and all help to prepare the party for 300 poor children in Dandora and Nairobi.


My Life – theatre tours

The Theatre performances My Life and Child’s Life have been on tour in Sweden for five years. The performances touch the audience – young and old – deeply. The actors are children and youth 10 – 20 years old and they perform how you survive on very small income collecting metal and plastic. What happens when you can’t pay the rent – gangs waiting in the streets and brutally shows the way. My Life and Child’s Life also tell of friendship, dreams, happiness and fun. The next tours to Sweden is planned to be in the fall 2017 and 2018.

Childrens Meeting Place

Year 2001 United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) authorized Globetree to establish and run a Children’s Meeting Place on the ground of United Nations, Nairobi. A big, beautiful acacia tree is the meeting place where children and decision makers of the world meet and dialogue what is important for children. Today the tree is also called The Mother Tree as mayors in many cities have inaugurated a Children’s Meeting Place close to their city halls where they meet and listen to children.


Our Uniting Water

Our Uniting Water is a ceremony inaugurates important events in Globetree. Children bring a cup of water from a place they care for to the Crystal Bowl. The first water ceremony took place at the Future Tree in Stockholm 1990. Since then thousands of children have participated. Water from all nations of the world are now united. A few adults have joined the ceremony; UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and astronauts giving water which orbit in Space.

Globetree and the UN

It started 1990 when two girls of the Globetree accompanied two presidents to the official signing of the Convention of the Rights of the Child at UN in New York. In 1998 UN Secr. Gen. Kofi Annan took water from the fountain at the UN HQ to be united with waters of the world at the Future Vessel event in the Stockholm Globe Arena. 2000 Globetree received UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour Award. 2001 Globetree was authorized to establish and run a Children’s Meeting Place on the grounds of United Nations, Nairobi – a tree where children from all walks of life meet and dialogue with leaders of the world. Globetree has DPI and ECOSOC statues to the UN since 1996/1999.


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