Events 2009

Winning award
to the Rabbit project

In December Mr. Jacky Foo receives the 2009 Africa Rural Connect Award  from the National Peace Corps Association, USA for his winning project idea “Ndekero Challenge“.

The project is developed on the experiences from the Rabbit project originally funded by the Swedish Forum Syd and Globetree.

Visit to two
Partnership programs in
Uganda and Kenya

In December president of Globetree made a visit to Busia, Uganda and Homa Bay, Kenya.
H.W. Mayor of Busia guided to many places where you could see the results of the Partnership program with the municipality of Robertsfors in Sweden. A lot has changed since Globetree participated in the inauguration of the Children’s Meeting Place in 2002. Busia is green! Goat prisons, yes – you read right (!) – goat prisons are new inventions to make sure the goats are not eating all new plants along the roads. Those who are not taking care of their goats must go to the Goat Prison and pay a small fee to get the goat out. It’s a perfect solution to make people take care of their goats and the small plants will grow to big trees! The hospital has new beds and mosquito nets and a child home for orphans has started in a very nice house. A brass orchestra opened the meeting at the Town Hall with new instruments from Robertsfors. What a change!
In Homa Bay the project leader sister Margaret arranged meetings with heads of schools, who presented programs and projects. The Committee for the Partnership with the municipality of Värmdö in Sweden presented both achievements and problems. The committee discussions were forwarded to the partners in Värmdö

I Homa Bay, Kenya, tog Sister Margaret emot, projektledare i partnerskapsprogrammet med Värmdö kommun. Rektorerna för alla skolor berättade vad man gör inom partnerskapsprogrammet och kommittén som ansvarar för samarbetet berättade vad man gjort i kommunen och vilka problem man stod inför. Detta vidarebefordrades till projektledaren i Värmdö kommun.

Preparation for the
3rd World Championship
in Cooperation

Ms. Joanne Lundberg, member of the Board of Globetree and Mr. Isak Ericsson travelled to Malaysia in December. They spent two days in Kuala Lumpur as guests of the Tree Theatre Group (TTG) organisers of the 3rd World Championship in Cooperation. Joanne and Isak were invited to see all sites planned for the event and they also met with the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, the host of the event.

The event is planned to take place 2-7th of October 2010. Children and youth from around the world will meet and hands on create their practical solutions, visions and ideas for a better world.

The theme is ‘Muhibbah’ meaning ‘Living in Harmony’ or can also be translated to live in cooperation.


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