Anti Violence Award 2008

<h6>Award from<br>Anti-violence fond</h6>

Award from
Anti-violence fond

Globtree received the Award from Icke-våldsfonden (Anti-violence fond) the 30th of November in St. Jacobs church, Stockholm.

Globtree received the Award from Icke-våldsfonden (Anti Violence Fund) the 30th of November in St. Jacobs Church, Stockholm. All five laureates were asked to present themselves. Our Uniting Water Ceremony became Globetree presentation together with children from seven municipalities who brought water from a place they care for. The children handed over the united water to the leaders of the Anti Violence Fund as a token of appreciation for their work.

The 30th November is the date King the XII of Sweden died in the 18th Century. That day has become the day when extreme rightwing activists and those who sympathize with the nazi’s demonstrate. A statue of King Karl XII is close to St Jacob’s Church and at the ceremony the offensive chorus of the demonstrators was heard in the church. In that moment we were all reminded of the importance to stand strong together. Chie Oren Lyons from Onondaga Nation was in Stockholm that day and took his place in the audience and was recognized for his important peace work by the President of Globetree.

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