UNEP Conference, Kenya 2007

<h6>Globalization and the Environment</h6>

Globalization and the Environment

Globetree participated in UNEP Conference on Globalization and the Environment at UN in Nairobi. Connected Dreams - a huge water drop was placed at the main entrance of the conference. Connected Dreams was created by children and adults in Varberg Municipality in Sweden.

Globetree got a unique invitation from UNEP (United Environment Programme) to contribute to the 24th session of the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum in the conference on Globalization and the Environment 5 – 9 February 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

The Globetree contributed with 4 events:
• Participation in the Opening Ceremony of the conference
• Dialogue between delegates and children at the United Nations Children’s Meeting Place
• Connected Dreams Sculpture to UNEP from Varberg Municipality. Connected Dreams was one of the art presentations at the Future Vessel of WorldCiC 2006 in Stockholm. Connected Dreams became a centre Peace of art at the UN Conference and also gave name to the Conference itself. Connected Dreams is a huge Drop of Water uniting all nations of the world and has now its final place at the United Nations.

* Exhibitions: Globetree invited 50 children to participate in the program from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Sweden and we worked together with “Tree Theatre Group” from Malaysia. The joint Opening Program of the UNEP’s Governing Council Meeting became a success!
The children presented Our Uniting Water Ceremony and inspired the audience to sing along in “Let Us Join! – You Can Count on Us!” – Directly after the ceremony the Vice President of Kenya made his address to the conference.

The Ministers of Environment from Algeria, Kenya and Sweden together with the Ambassador from Malaysia and several Mayors participated in a non-formal meeting at the Children’s Meeting Place under the acacia tree of the United Nations.
The Connected Dreams sculpture was placed at the entrance and welcomed all delegates.
Vice Mayor of Nairobi Mr. Ferdinand Ndungu Waititu invited to a meeting February 6, where coming hosts of a World Championship in Cooperation discussed future cooperation.
Vice Mayor of Kampala Ms. Namayanja Florence presented how Kampala is planning for WorldCiC around World Environment Day (2-5 June) 2008
The Mayor of Morelia, Mexico, Mr. Salvador López Oruna participated to get ideas of a planned WorldCiC in Mexico.
Mr. Jes. I. Izaidin, leader of ”Tree Theatre Group Malaysia” will take the idea with him back home to the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur to host a WorldCiC in 2010.
In connection with the UNEP Conference Globetree organized a study tour to Kenya between the 3rd to the 10th of February.

Afrika 2007-02 UN Tree Mother 5feb Sandra 070
Afrika 2007-02 UN Exhibit 5feb Torgerd 043

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