Activities 2000

The Golden Key – The Millennium Speech in TV and Radio, Åland Speaker of Parliament

The Millennium Speech at night 1999/2000 in Åland (Finland) highlights the Golden Key which the Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Ragnar Erlandsson received at the Closing Ceremony of the Future Vessel. He holds the Golden Key in his hand when he talks. The speech is broadcasted on TV and radio;
“On the UN-day, the 24th of October, I had the honor of representing Åland and our region together with children and youth in a big event of activities. at the Globe Arena, All children created their image of the future in a spirit of building the childhood’s hut.
The building was called Future Vessel – a vision and hopes for entering the adult world. Joy of creation was in the face of thousands of children from all over the world.
They were reminded that the future is build by courage, imagination and friendship. As a token, we, decision makers were presented with this Golden key from a child.
The key was handed over by astronauts to the child. In other worlds – this Golden key remind us that we shall make the best decisions for the future of our children.”
(translation of the speech by the Globetree)

Globetree at the InSEAs conference in Poland

Prof. Wieslaw Karolak invited the President of Globetree Ms Kajsa Dahlström to be Key Note Speaker at InSEA (International Society for Education through Art) 5th European Congress in Poznan, Poland 19 – 21 June. Prof. Karolak participated in the Future Vessel event at World Water Forum in the Hague earlier this year and summarized his participation with these words: – It is my all art activities it is the process that counts – not the result. The Future Vessel has total focus on the process. That is good. The theme of Kajsa’s presentation was: From Vision to Action and focused on the Future Vessel. The presentation received a lot of attention and Kajsa got an invitation to come to the Philippines later this year and guide the creation of the Future Vessel.


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