Travel to Java and Bali 2014

<h6>Back to the roots of Globetree on Java & Bali</h6>

Back to the roots of Globetree on Java & Bali

It´s time to return to the roots of Globetree to reconnect with Abah Sunarya and I Made Sija and their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren...

– It’s time to return to the roots of Globetre, Kajsa said. It’s time to meet with Abah Sunarya in Jelekong on West Java and I Made Sija in Bona Village on Bali. Moffe Lundberg joined the 10 days unforgettable travel. Long time friend Pak Raka, professor at Institute of Technology organized the program and presented new friends on Java and Bali. Abah Sunarya was the first to met with the two hand puppets She and He who posed the question Kajsa got from an 8 year old girl in Sweden: – Do we have a future? Abah Sunarya is highly respected on Java. We sat by the grave of Abah together with his son Iden and his children and granchildren. We recalled the first meeting when Abah said: – I want to see the country where children ask such questions. Abah and Iden came twice to Sweden for a tour with wayang golek performances and inspired the vision of the Globetree. There are not many dalangs who can perform wayang golek today. Maybe it’s high time to build a Wayang Golek School in Jelekong…

I Made Sija is Master of Ceremonies, well known dancer, sculptor and musician. He and his son I Made Sidia came to Sweden when Globetree was inaugurated at the Ethnographical Museum in Stockholm 1982 and also to the first Future Meeting 1986 at Stockholm Concert Hall. Sija created an impressive wooden sculpture called Dasa Namu Kartu – The Ten Symbols of Life for the stage. I Made Sidia has built a Culture Centre in Bona called Sanggar Pari Purna. 200 children and youth come there every day to learn dance, gamelan and wayang kulit – shadow plays with puppets made of skin.

It was a very special travel which evoke deep memories, reflections and ideas for the future. It was 33 years ago we came walking … so much has happened and still – it was like time has been in stand still…

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