Children’s Meeting Place
Grandmothers at Gotland 2013

Ash tree

In July Globetree was engaged in the International Council Meeting of Indigenous Grandmothers from around the world. During the special week, the Almedals week, on the island of Gotland, Globetree inaugurated a Children’s Meeting Place. An ash-tree was chosen close to the sea next to Villa Villerkulla, a fantasy house of Pippi Longstocking. Pippi is very famous! She is the strongest girl in the world created by the famous Swedish children-author Astrid Lindgren.
The organization Aurora’s Ring was host of the full program for the Grandmothers in Sweden. The program on Gotland was in cooperation with Medskaparana, Kneippbyn and many more!

Barnens Mötesplats Gotland

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