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<h6>Woman in prisons in Sweden create ideas for a sign board</h6>

Woman in prisons in Sweden create ideas for a sign board

Children's Meeting Place must have a sign board telling people it's a special tree! Woman in six prisons in Sweden created ideas for the sign board and were presented to staff at UN, Nairobi.

The Globetree has an ongoing collaboration with the Network for Women’s Prison and Probation Service in Sweden.

Women in the prisons had created artistic proposal for a sign board to be placed at The Mother Tree – The Children’s Meeting Place at the United Nations in Nairobi.

The proposals were presented by two Directors of Swedish prisons and discussed with staff at UN and all in the meeting agreed to go for an installation with multiple pieces instead of choosing one of the suggested sign board.

The group also visited prisons in Nairobi and schools.

Mohamed Gulied, Pauline Wanja Ngara  och Anders Forsgren 3

Drawings from Swedish Prisons 2013

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