Inauguration Children’s Meeting Place
Vantör Sweden

Walnut Tree
(Pterocarya pterocarpa)

The Children’s Meeting Place in the Stockholm City District Vantör was inaugurated in connection with the First World Championship in Cooperation 2006. Children, the Chairman of the District Council Mr. Magnus Dannquist and astronauts met under the Cacausian walnut-tree (Pterocarya pterocarpa).

A second meeting, between the Chairman and the children, was held under the tree in August/September. There is a promise to put a plate with a description of the place under the tree. The tree is standing at Sandängen, a meadow where sheep are grazing. This meadow goes through two parts of the district, Högdalen and Bandhagen, and connect them. It is an open place and the tree is easily seen.

Children’s Meeting Place Vantör Sweden 2005

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