Nairobi May 2001

<h6>The first Study-tour to Kenya </h6>

The first Study-tour to Kenya

How shall a Children's Meeting Place at United Nations, Nairobi look like? What shall we suggest to the UN?

Children, youth and adults from Sweden and Kenya participate in the discussions. A Future Vessel is created by children living and working in the streets, living in slum areas, deaf and blind children and many others.

25 Swedish children, youth and adults participate in a Study Travel to Kenya which is organised by Globetree. The assignment is to discuss ideas – how to create a Children’s Meeting Place (CMP) at the United Nations in Nairobi.

Dr. Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director for United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) asked Globetree to suggest ideas for a Meeting Place. Children living and working in the streets, living in slum areas, deaf-blind children and children in institutions participate in the discussions and join the creation of a Future Vessel at the open air museum Bomas of Kenya.

The street children create a house where they can live together. The visit to slum areas in Nairobi touch the Swedes deeply. They can’t comprehend how anyone can survive in that environment. The Swedish Ambassador in Kenya welcome the Swedish delegation at the Embassy and Mr. Tore Brevik, Head of Information Department of UNEP give a presentation of UNEP.

Afrika 2001-05 Bomas  vattencer

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