Workshop  Philippines 2000

<h6>Future Vessel in the Philippines</h6>

Future Vessel in the Philippines

Globetree is invited by InSEA to lecture and invite 100 participants to create a Future Vessel in the Philippines as an inspiration to clean all polluted rivers in the 13 regions of the country.

Creative Vision for Environmental Education is the theme when artistic leaders from 13 regions of the Philippines meet at Miriam College, Quezon City in the Philippines. Globetree lead a seminar and workshop the 22 November for 100 persons. They create the Future Vessel which gets the name Caracoa. All participants first create their personal Future Vessel which is later united in eight boats which are connected to the common Future Vessel. – Do we have a future? – Yes, if we all take our oars and put them in water at the same time and row in the direction of our vision: to make all polluted rivers of the Philippines clean! They also created shadow puppets which acted and conveyed suggestions how to tackle the environmental problems. The puppets gave several suggestions how to get clean water to people who don’t have that and also ideas how to clean the dirty rivers. Globetree seminar and workshop scored high points in the evaluation and many participants will join the Future Vessel Event in Stockholm 2002. Globetree was invited by Prof. Lourdes K Samson, World Councillor, South East Asia and Pacific Region for InSEA (International Society for Education through Art).


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