President of Globetree is key note speaker at the Watershed Conference at the Vatican

<h6>Globetree invited to the Vatican - to talk about children and water</h6>

Globetree invited to the Vatican - to talk about children and water

On the World Water Day. March 22, the Vatican in collaboration with the Club of Rome - Argentina launched a 5-year work plan on the world's water in the Watershed conference. Water shortage is a fact and a threat to peace. Without water there is no life..


Seminars and Workshops

Children and Water was the theme of my presentation at the Vatican. The messages from the children of Dandora was in my heart: – Please help us get clean water for eating and drinking, cleaning ourselves and washing clothes. I also told of tears when ministers of environment came together at UNEP in Nairobi and met with children from the slum areas sharing their dreams and hopes for the future. The tears were the start of The Children’s Meeting Place at UN and the Roots Meeting when Nobel Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai told about her mother who inspired her to dedicate her life to tree planting – so important for water of the world!
The Watershed Conference at the Vatican was the start of a 5 years’ plan for the world’s water in cooperation with Club of Rome of Argentina. Without water, there is no life on Earth. Water shortage is a fact and a threat to peace. After meeting in workshops, we agreed: We must find new and creative ways to work together. Not only work outside the box – Burn the box!

Water from Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya


Water from the fountain next to Santa Marta


Children from all nations of the world have united water from places they care for – but not from the Vatican. I got a special escort to the fountain of Santa Marta where Pope Francis live and water from the Vatican was united with the children’s United Water. At the closing ceremony, I handed over six small bottles of Our Uniting Water to the organizers of Watershed. I got warm hugs and a whisper:  – This water I will have on my desk. It will remind me – we do this work for the children!


Pope Franciscus at St Peter’s Square


Pope Franciscus message at World Water Day the 22nd of March:
I also offer a special welcome to the participants in the “Watershed” Conference on replenishing water values for a thirsty world”, co-hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome. Today is World Water Day, instituted twenty-five years ago by the United Nations, while yesterday was the International Day of Forests. I am happy that this meeting is taking place, for it represents yet another stage in the joint commitment of various institutions to raising consciousness about the need to protect water as a treasure belonging to everyone, mindful too of its cultural and religious significance. I especially encourage your efforts in the area of education, through programmes directed to children and young people. Thank you for all that you do and may God bless you!
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We thank
Silvia Zimmermann. Club of Rome, Argentina! Thank you for your dedication and inspiration and the invitation to Watershed!
Glass artist Karin Hassle and Reijmyre Glass giving us the two glass globes for the children’s waters.
Ryan Jackson, M.D., M.S. who let us use the photos taken at St Peter’s Square
Our dear friend Marilyn Mosley-Gordanier who sent us the other photos and stands by us always!

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