Events of 2008

Christmas party at Children’s Garden, Nairobi, Kenya

The Christmas party at Children’s Garden is now a tradition and Globtree supports with funding. Children’s Garden is a home and school for orphans and children from the streets who get a new chance in life. The children long for the Christmas Party all year. – I want all days to be a Christmas party! one child said when we waved good bye. The children prepare for the party with dances, music, songs, drama and poetry.

Partnership-twinning between municipalities in Sweden – Uganda – Kenya

Meetings and dialogue at Children’s Meeting Place at UN, Nairobi, Kenya have given many long lasting results. Special results are the partnership-twinning between municipalities in Sweden – Uganda – Kenya under the leadership of Swedish Association for Local Authorities with financial support from Sida (Swedish International ??? the Association SALA IDA (Sida)
Mayors and other high officials from the 10 municipalities travelled to make the first contacts and prepare for projects. The United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and Agenda 21/Sustainable Development are the foundation of all projects actively involving children and youth. The cities/municipalities who have been inspired by Globetree to start partnership are
Kampala – Kalix
Jinja – Skellefteå
Mukono – Vimmerby
Busia – Robertsfors
Kenya – Sweden:
Homa Bay – Värmdö.
All 10 cities/municipalities came together for a common kick off at the Second World Championship in Cooperation hosted by Kampala City Council, 2 – 6 June 2008.

Rabbits as a source of income – Capacity Building in Kenya

How can orphans and children living and working in the streets get the chance to studies? The Swedish Organisation Forum Syd funded two projects in Kenya which answered that question.
First project: Get a better organizational structure of Children’s Garden Home and School – a place where orphans and children living and working in the streets can get shelter and basic education. Globetree supported the start of Children’s Garden 2001 and continued giving support.
Second project: Initiate income generation activities. Rabbitries were constructed. The concept of the rabbit activities is that children take care of rabbits and sell them to their own organization. The income is saved in a micro-loan fund for their future use e.g. higher education.

Multimedia musical and exhibition in Kalix, Sweden with Kampala, Uganda

The Culture School of Kalis, a city in the very north of Sweden worked with the Theme Water for the whole year togther with 1400 pupils. The Culture School is a program supported by the Government which offers culture education to children in music, drama and visual arts. A multimediaperformance and an exhibition became the result of the year which engaged 500 pupils with focus on water – climate – environment – energy. The performance was in a big sports arena and the audience was all pupils and students of Kalix, parents and many others. The high light of the performance was when Kalix connected with Kampala, Uganda. A partnership started between Kalix and Kampala at Children’s Meeting Place in Nairobi, Kenya. At the performance the whole of Kalix were introduced to the program between schools in the two cities. For Globetree it was exciting to sit in the audience and see the great result of a meeting taking place at the Children’s Meeting Place!


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