UN and Children’s Meeting Place
February 2020

The plan for the expansion of the area around the Children’s Meeting Place received positive response from the UN!


Architects and landscapers from Sweden and Kenya worked together and presented a site plan inspired by children and youth from 30 nations. THANKS A LOT to Architects without Borders in Kenya and Disorder Company and the Municipality of Helsingborg in Sweden! We are now certain the inauguration will take place on the World Environment Day, 5th of June 2022 – when United Nations Environment (UNEP) celebrate 50 Years.


Kajsa listening to Mr. Stephen Stannah, UNON, suggesting a place for the Amphitheater – closer to the Mother Tree.


Architects and landscape designers in discussion before the presentation for UNON and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).


Many at the UN became inspired and came up with additional ideas after the presentation. Children and young people from Dandora participated in the planning of the Children’s Meeting Place.

The party on February 23, 2020


For children in Dandora, the highlight of the year is THE BIG PARTY! This year the party took place at the Children’s Garden of the National Museums of Kenya. The night before someone called out: – The balloon blower is gone!!! No problem – all 23 Swedes participating in the Study-tour joined and had fun!


The DJ arrived in good time with a large music system. Dance Hall music welcomed the children as they streamed out of the buses. Suddenly we were 250 people – THE PARTY was on!


The party includes a lot of food, soft drinks, sweets, cakes, music, dance, games and gifts that Farsta Elementary School collect and donate!

The book about Dandora dumpsite

The photographer Thord Nilsson brought the book “Dandora” – blessing or curse? ” to the dump. Great joy when the persons in the book were presented to their contributions. Thord visited all his Dandora friends – many of them have passed away.


Home visits – An important part of the Study Tour is to visit the children who have been on tour in Sweden with the performances My Life and Child’s Life.  We talk about urgent matters, school fees and how more children can get the opportunity to go to school.

Next Studytour – The four elements at UN in Nairobi


The theme for the next Study Tour to Kenya will be The Four Elements in cooperation with National Museums of Kenya (NMK). We have long time cooperation with NMK – a strong and firm hand to hold on to! We will gather the two last weeks of February 2020.
We invite architects, stone masons, artists/sculptures (who work in materials like glass, metal, clay, mosaics and all kind of recycled things), engineers and others who feel the call to join the planning process.

The last performance – after 49 years …


The 18th October at 6pm – 100 friends of Globetree came to see the very last performance produced by Globetheatre/Globetree. The very first tour was 1970 with the play Phantasy by 12-year old children in Sweden. Touring with drama performances – is such a big part of our lives… now over…
The last tour … 49 years on the road… it’s difficult to find the words… how we feel…
One day we will find the words – and share with you.

The book about Dandora – Blessing or curse?


After the last performance – after the applause – the photographer Thord Nilsson presented his book Dandora – blessing or curse? It’s a photo book – the short texts are in Swedish. For pictures, please look into thordnilssonfoto.
It’s about the everyday life in Dandora on top of and next to the huge dumpsite. Thord has joined several of Globetree’s study tours to Kenya and was been deeply touched meeting children and adults in Dandora. He also experienced how music, dance, drama and art inspire people to carry on – not give up. The book will later be translated into English. If you want the book – the photos speak for themselves – contact Thord: info@thordnilsson.se

Final tour in Sweden with My Life
18 September – 18 Oktober 2019


Globetheatre/Globetree final theatre production was with the play My Life performed by children and youth from Dandora, a place outside Nairobi where you find the biggest dumpsite of Africa. My Life is the children’s own story – their struggle for survival and how they keep the spirit up and move on despite unimaginable challenges. My Life has been on tour in Sweden with different actors since 2010. The final tour was four weeks from the very south of Sweden to the very north. – Don’t stop touring My Life – the performance touches the heart of everyone! Well, we are getting old. Beyond 70 years and we have a big assignment at the UN in Nairobi. We simply have to stop!


Working with Farsta has been very special. They have supported our work in Dandora for many years.

Inauguration of the Children’s Meeting Place in Motala
23 September 2019


A 12 year old girl named Sidra was the driving force to establish a Children’s Meeting Place in the residential area Ekön in Motala. The tree which was inaugurated in September is a chestnut tree and was giving her name – Didra – meaning tree! Under the chestnut tree the children on Ekön talk with the landlord company Platen how the area can become better for children.

Four elements of life at Nämdö
June-August 2019


In June and August we had activities for young pupils at the archipelago school Djurö and a school in in a socio economic poor area of Stockholm. The children continued the creation of the Four Elements of Life in the woods near the closed down school at Nämdö, an island in the Baltic Sea archipelago where Globetree has a working space. This summer the kids made houses for the trolls.

Inauguration of the Children’s Meeting Place in Lund
11 April 2019


During a theme week on Sustainability issues in April 2019, a new Childrens Meeting Place meeting place was opened in the park behind the City Library of Lund. Under a tree, children can meet politicians on the children’s terms to speak of something that is important in the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals and the Rights of the Child.

Closing Ceremony
Environmental Ministerial Meeting (UNEA 4)
Nairobi 15 March 2019


30 children participated in the Closing Ceremony.
The voices and messages from Dandora were loud and clear.
Water was then united from Oman, USA, Turkey, Australia and Dandora.

Future Vessel
Environmental Ministerial Meeting (UNEA 4)
Nairobi 12-14 March 2019


During the Conference many delegates visited the Future Vessel at the Mother Tree.

Sweden’s Minister for Environment and Climate
Meeting at the Future Vessel
13 March 2019


The Swedish Minister for Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin visited the Future Vessel.
Children from Dandora guided the minister around the Future Vessel and asked many questions.

Preparations for the Environmental Ministerial Meeting
10-14  March 2019


Yesterday and today at least 100 Dandora children made 300 beautiful letters to Mama and Papa Ministers and Mama and Papa United Nations. They will be given away on Tuesday at the Assembly meeting. Jack Obura’s association Mtoto wa Dandora was in charge for these two days in Dandora.

The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs
Visit to the Children´s Meeting Place
5 March 2019 UN Nairobi


The Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Margot Wallström visited the Children’s Meeting Place at the UN and in specific the Mother Tree, talking to children and youth from Kenya, Sweden, Uganda, Tanzania, China and in specific the children from Dandora.

Building the Future Vessel at the National Museums of Kenya
26-27 February


While adults presented the partnership and programs between cities/municipalities in the Lake Victoria Region and Sweden, the children created the Future Vessel – a visual/artistic presentation of their personal views and collective ideas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. Two full days and one night at the National Museum of Kenya.

Seminars at the National Museums of Kenya
26-27 February 2019


Many Swedish and East African municipalities and county councils gave lectures about their exchange experiences during the 26-27 February. This initiative was supported from the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy.

Opening Ceremony at the National Museums of Kenya
26 February 2019


Even representatives from indigenous groups joined the opening ceremony at the National Museums of Nairobi.

Party at the National Museums of Kenya
24 February 2019


100 children from Dandora joined us for the party.

To Nairobi – Prep Kick-Off Conference – February 2019

Kajsa Dahlström, president Globtree, traveled to Nairobi 2 – 15 December to prepare the conference – Kick-off to celebrate UNEP 50 year on World Environment Day on June 5, 2022. The Conference will be 26 – 28 February at the National Museums of Nairobi and at the Children’s Meeting Place UNON (United Nations, Nairobi).
This year Study Tour will be 21 February – 2 March including the Kick-off Conference and the Traditional Party together with children living in the poor areas of Dandora next to one of Africas’s biggest dump sites.
Do you want to join the Study Tour or the Conference? Let us know!

Afrika 2009-11 EO Kenya Urval un 13

The Future Vessel

Children participating in the Conference will during two days create the Future Vessel during two days at the Central Museum. Then the Future Vessel will be moved to the Children’s Meeting Place at UNON (United Nations, Nairobi) where Executive Directors and staff of UNEP (United Nations Envirionment Program), UN Habitat and invited guests will be guided into the Future Vessel by the children.
The Future Vessel will be Globetree Side Event at UNEA 4 (United Nations Environment Assembly). UNEP invites ministers of environment for resolutions and dialogue on environmental issues every second year – this year is the fourth one. As an accredited NGO to UNEP Globetree can suggest side events at UNEA.

Closing Ceremony at UNEA 4

UNEP has asked Globetree to plan for the Closing Ceremony of UNEA 4. It is an honor to get this assignment and we will do our best to make the half an hour a memory for lifetime! Our plan is recall the beginning of UNEP – at the Stockholm Conference 1972 and move together with children for the future – to 2022. It’s our hope all ministers and ambassadors will join the children into the Future Vessel and share their personal dreams with one another. Many ideas are moving in the air – the 15thof March, the last day of UNEA 4, we will know!

My life tour 13 September 29 October 2018

This year we toured Sweden for 48 days between the 13th September until 29th of October.
We performed 70 performances in 17 cities from Kiruna in the north to Helsingborg/Lund in the south.
In Stockholm: Farsta, Årsta, Tensta, Rinkeby, Hjulsta, Djurö and Nacka.
South of Sweden: Åtvidaberg, Lammhult, Lund, Helsingborg and Strängnäs.
North of Sweden: Kramfors, Luleå, Kiruna, Vittangi and Umeå

Children on the run, Conference in Umeå, Sweden
The theatre performance My Life produced by Globetree and performed by young actors from Dandora, Kenya, was the Opening Program of the two day Conference Children on the run29 – 30 October. More than 200 persons attended and was the closing of a three-year Government funded project “Children on the run”. The aim of the project was to give unaccompanied and newly arrived children and young people a better start in their new country. Cultural activities such as music, dance, drama and singing are universal languages and inspiring ways of interaction and inclusion. The conference presented good examples and discussed challenges.


Four trees in four municipalities are now
Children’s Meeting Place

This year four trees in four municipalities have been inaugurated to be a special place where children and local decision makers meet and dialogue the children’s concerns and ideas. The selected tree is called the Children’s Meeting Place.
The City of Varberg inaugurated its tree the Election Day, 9 September. The oldest tree of the city was selected to be the Children’s Meeting Place.
A Chestnut Tree at the main square of the Municipality of Åtvidaberg. Åtvidaberg was inaugurated together with pupils from all schools who united water by the tree and handed over to the Principals of schools and representatives of the Environment Dept. The inauguration was part of a Theme Week with focus on water in which all schools worked together with the local library and the museum.
In Umeå a Lind Tree (Tilia cordata) was selected to be the Children’s Meeting Place next to the Umeå City Hall and was inaugurated by children and adults on October 17, 2018.
Farsta elementary school of Stockholm inaugurated their Pine Tree 2017. This year all children of the school came together uniting water from a place they care for. Representatives of all classes came together in the Lecture Hall for a special water ceremony. The Principal of the school was given the united water and brought it to the Children’s Meeting Place next to the school yard.

The Fifth World Congress of Geoversal Civilzation
August 2018


Kajsa Dahlström opened the conference together with 30 children from Dandora.
OPGC (Organization for Promoting Geoversal Civilization) works for:
The Oneness of All Humans.
The Oneness of All Faith.
All is One in the Universe.

The Four Elements in the Stockholm archipelago
School activities

The project The Four Elements at Nämdö an island in the Stockholm archipelago has become an inspiring place for pupils of Djurö School to visit. This summer the school came with two groups. One in June before Midsummer and the other in August short before the school term started. The Four Elements engage both children and adults. Children give ideas and adults do their best to follow! You find the Four Elements in the woods next to the local library where Globetree has working. We thank the Municipality of Värmdö giving Globetree access to the beautiful nature area and supporting the program together with children and adults.


The Children´s Meeting Place
at the UN Nairobi has a signboard

At last! The Children’s Meeting Place in Nairobi has got a signboard!
The meeting place was inaugurated in 2001 and the UN Director General Kofi Annan congratulated the children with a wonderful letter. The Children’s Meeting Place is a big beautiful acacia tree where children and decision takers can meet and discuss importans issues.


Study Tour to Kenya 17-28 January 2018

9 Swedish participants  joined the the study tour to Kenya in January 2018.
First day was a guided tour of  the UN.
In Dandora (a slum area in Nairobi) we visited families, organisations, Rosbella school and the huge dumpsite.
We also supported the yearly Christmas Party at the YMCA in Nairobi where 300 children and adults from Dandora were invited – 400 joined.


Meeting at UNEA-3 (United Nations Environment Assembly)
Nairobi 29 November – 5 December

The theme for UNEA-3 (United Nations Environment Assembly) was: Get rid of garbage on land and at sea. Jackson from Dandora spoke of the problems at the huge dumpsite. Kajsa invited representatives from Major Groups to the Mother Tree. – What is important for you when we develope the area?
• All what will be created shall be of recycled material.
• Community Garden – Feature traditional medicines and indigenous practices.
• Miniature Library, mounted on nearby tree.
• Combined quilt of waterproof, nation-representative items, used as an awning and ground covering.
• Metallic drums, used as seats and tables.
• Space for visual art/music.
• Reinstall the 7 Stones Fireplace above the former site.
• A Treehouse.


My Life tour ends with
Arvidsjaur Luleå Travelling home
23-27 October

Great to create art from all kind of material and colors – we will miss Arvidsjaur!
In Luleå a box of brand new footballs, shoes and shirts for the girls football team in Dandora! Wow! And the last performance – Dag and Gösta – great we meet again next year! Farewell at Arlanda – happiness and tears…


Sävast Kalix Arvidsjaur
16-20 october

Feel like coming home to Arvidsjaur. So many new friends! Thanks Camilla – for everything!
Kalix is also our home! Fun with all who dare dance! Sävast – Boden – Bosse and Barbro – great to see you again!


Globteatern in Arvidsjaur October 2017

Youtube video: “It’s all about Friendship”. A song…

Kiruna Jukkasjärvi Överkalix Boden
9-13 october

Kiruna – Here we come! We take props in and out of the minibus – in and out of the numerous places of performing. Högalidsskolan – we think this school has the most spectacular view! Jukkasjärvi – we understand why your ice hotel is world famous!


Jokkmokk Gällivare Kiruna
2-6 October

The audience – you are the best! We love you! We wait for Kajsa at the airport. Now the tour in the north can start. Nya Raketskolan can be translate to the New Rocket school – yeah you reach to universe! See you again 2018!


Strängnäs Mariefred Farsta Skärholmen
25-29 september

My Life at the Cathedral in Strängnäs – a massive experience! The last performance in Farsta – but we meet again in Dandora in January! Thanks for all presents, clothes, shoes, toys…!!!


My Life Nämdö
23 september

Get water out of Kajsa’s rowing boat and swim before we perform at Nämdö church – a lot of fun!
Rowing – is not easy!


21-22 september

Agnes and Sara – thanks for coming to the public performance at Blå Huset! We are family”


Daniel’s first visit to a dentist
19 September


Here we are – resting!
15 september


Blå Huset Tensta
14 september

It was special when we performed for so many policemen in Tensta. So different between Sweden and Kenya.
We had such a good talk after the performance – together with pupils from secondary school.


Björkebyskolan Järfälla
13 september

We are the theatre group from Dandora! We slowly get the feel of team!


12 september

A lot is new – like bubbles in the chest!


Saltsjöbadens samskola (school) in Nacka
8 September

Change roles, play and have fun is part of the warm up before the audience arrive.


Saltsjöbadens samskola (school) in Nacka
7 September


Visit at Farsta school in Stockholm
5 September


4 september

What a great theatre! And it was so nice with all the discussions in the classrooms at Ösbyskolan. Too bad – we forgot to take photos!


Opening performance of Child’s Life in Farsta
31 August

The opening performance of  Childs Life took place in Farsta elementary school. During September, My Life and Child’s Life will be performed in and around Stockholm. The tour will then continue to the north of Sweden in October.


The Four Elements Garden at Nämdö

The 4 Elements Garden will be a new meeting place at Nämdö island in the Stockholm archipelago located next to Globetree working space and the Local Community Centre.  Children, young people and adults can meet and experience local traditions and craftmanship. Open all year round for everyone – locals and visitors. July 12 was kick off and  25 persons helped to clear the area. Värmdö municipality has given a start grant to the project.


The Global Development Goals at the Almedal Week

Kajsa participated as key note speaker at a seminar day on the Global Development Goals (GDG) 2030 at Almedalen, a well known week for political debates at Gotland, an island in the Baltic Sea. The seminars were organized by Hållbart Nu (Sustainable Now) and focused on creative ideas and co operations to reach the goals and highlight the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Conference in 2022. Kajsa suggested bridge building between Stockholm and Nairobi for the 2022 event and received interest for the idea.

My Life – Rehearsals in Kenya

Peroy in Globetree went to Nairobi for rehearsals of the performances My Life and Child’s Life in April. Six new actors worked together with Jackson Obura who has been on tour in Sweden four times. Peroy is impressedby the new toeam; – It will be great performances – the actors are amazing! The tour will be: September in Stockholm City and County. October in the north of Sweden – Norrbotten.


President of Globetree is key note speaker at the
Watershed Conference at the Vatican


Globträdet was invited by Silvia Zimmermann from the Club of Rome, Argentina who organized the Watershed conference in Rome between the 21-23 March.
Pope Franciscus message at World Water Day was:
I also offer a special welcome to the participants in the “Watershed” Conference on replenishing water values for a thirsty world”, co-hosted by the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Argentinean Chapter of the Club of Rome. Today is World Water Day, instituted twenty-five years ago by the United Nations, while yesterday was the International Day of Forests. I am happy that this meeting is taking place, for it represents yet another stage in the joint commitment of various institutions to raising consciousness about the need to protect water as a treasure belonging to everyone, mindful too of its cultural and religious significance. I especially encourage your efforts in the area of education, through programmes directed to children and young people. Thank you for all that you do and may God bless you! Read more
© Copyright – Libreria Editrice Vaticana

Globetree invited to conference “Watershed” in Rome

The Watershed conference
March 2017
Kajsa Dahlström: I’m invited to Rome as key note speaker at the Watershed Conference on World Water Day the 22 March. I will speak of Children and Water. When I rehearsed My Life last month, I suddenly realized children from Dandora should join me at the Vatican and tell about their water environment next to Nairobi River and the huge dump site – one of the biggest in Africa. We started the preparations, which is always a long journey.  Two glass globes will be filled with Our Uniting Water and water from the Vatican … and the children sharing their experiences… Just now I get the message: – No visa for the children.
Hmmmm how can the world hear the children and feel their commitment – when they are not there…?


Meetings with UNON and My Life rehearsals


Meeting with UNON and My Life Rehearsals
February 2017

Kajsa met with UNON (United Nations, Nairobi). The decision is taken – we can develop the area around the Children’s Meeting Place to make it more visible, accessible and fun!

I rehearse the performances My Life and Child’s Life with the seven new actors who are 10 – 24 years old. The tour will be two months in September – October this year in Sweden.  All worked hard and with 100% focus – and a lot of laughter!

UN-pass (ECOSOC)

To UN, New York
February 2017
Kajsa Dahlström: In January I go to New York to get my UN-pass (ECOSOC) and meet friends. A full day (and late evening!) together with Eleanor Johnson, founder of Emmatroupe, sharing ideas for future project. We pass Washington Square Park and feel the history of New York very present.


Study tour to Kenya January 2017


Study tour to Kenya
January 2017
We are 10 joining the 2017 study tour to Kenya; 6 adults and 4 youth. Again pupils at Farsta school collected hundreds of presents for the Christmas party!
Lois Ekengren, teacher at the school, made a documentary of the study tour which she has shared with us. Her original versionen is on Instagram (but in Swedish).

Kajsa Dahlströms report from Kenya och Tanzania

Meeting at the Childrens Meeting Place, UN, Nairobi
November 2016
Six persons from UNEP, UN Habitat and UNON came together and discussed the Globetree suggestion to develop the area around the Children’s Tree on the grounds of the United Nations, Nairobi. All agreed: – Is’ a very good idea as UNON doesn’t have any open space meeting place. Next meeting will be in January. Hopefully the plans are then presented at the Executive level and we can start the work.


Mother Tree in Maasailand in Emboreet, Tanzania
Kajsa Dahlström: I gave a promise long ago to visit the Mother Tree in Emboreet in Maasailand. I came together with Jackson Obura. The woman group of Emboreet welcomed us, danced, sang and offered very nice lunch. It’s a beauty chock to see their clothes and handmade art around the neck, hands, feet and ears. I was given a traditional dress before we went to the Mother Tree to talk with children and the Elders. I brought Our Uniting Water which the Elders gave to the roots of the Mother Tree. Woman sang and the children embraced the tree.

Preparations for the next My Life Tour autumn 2017
In Dandora I met with 17 children who waited for me with a lot of expectations. All hoped to be chosen to be actors in the next tour of My Life and Child’s Life in Sweden. I had audition in a narrow space between a metal shag and a better built house. All were great actors – impossible to choose! Peroy and I will have new audition in January. A group photo is a must together with those who watched!


A new NGO Mtoto wa Dandora – Children in Dandora
Jackson Obura is the founder of the new NGO called Mtoto wa Dandora which means Children in Dandora. I met with the Board and members of the new organisation. They have great plans for the future! The ultimate plan is make other business of all what is today dumped on the dump site. At the moment they give lessons in drama, help children with home work and support orphan children. They also have cleaning days to get rid of all grabage in the streets. Most important now: To get a homepage and income. We discussed chicken business which can engage children in the area.

Globeday 22 October 2016

Latest News 2019

The Yearly  GlobeDay 22 October at Nämdö Island in the Stockholm Archipelago
We went two hours by boat to Nämdö island for the Yearly GlobeDay. 45 young and old gathered at HEMBYGDSGÅRDEN. The program as usual: Reports of events during the year that passed and plans for the coming year. We were welcomed by the vice chairperson of Hembygdsföreningen and then the LAUNCH OF GLOBETREE NEW WEBSITE! Peroy has been the boss of the work and told the many ups and downs in the process. Assisted by Sam and Kajsa in endless writing and looking for information in old files stored – somewhere…! We celebrated Peroy and the website!

Latest News 2019
Latest News 2019
Latest News 2019

Film of the study tour Elin and Rania made a film when they joined a study tour to Kenya. The film share their deep concern for children in Dandora and how much fun they had together! The film got a lot of applause! Working together with water in schools is getting more and more interest in Swedish schools. Peter Nolbrandt from Mark and Lasse Johansson from Varberg work together and shared their cooperation with facts and singing. We recalled last year GlobeDays when children from 25 nations came together from five continents to give ideas for the Children’s Meeting Place at UN, Nairobi (Kenya). Four young girls are still engaged and said the meeting place at United Nations must have an Under World and an Above World. Kajsa has initiated a project called the 4 Elements of Water, Fire, Wind and Earth on Nämdö which was visualized by Clare Lindstrand living on the nearby island. A Sami Legend of the Creation of Life was told by Harriet Nordlund who is the author and story teller. Support for Globetree programs come from Solidarity Days at schools and Lars Lagergren introduced Gift Vouchers.

Latest News 2019
Latest News 2019
Latest News 2019

Next My Life tour to Sweden – in the fall 2017 and 2018

My Life and Child’s Life is back on tour in Sweden in the fall 2017 and 2018
We plan for two more tours with the theatre performances My Life and Child’s Life. Six new actors 11 to 18 years old will share their every day life in Dandora next to one of the biggest dump sites in Africa. If you happen to be in Sweden in this period – make sure you see the performaces!

They are really longed for – Francis and Chris from Kenya!

The muscians Francis Demesi and Chris Omondi from Dandora in Kenya came back to Kvickentorpsskolan and Hasthagsskolan in Stockholm end of August. They were really longed for! Their music program and workshops engage everyone in the schools – pupils and staff!

The program for the next study tour to Kenya 201

Now it’s ready! The program for the next Study  Travel is set for 12 – 22 January 2017. If you wish to join – contact Peroy Kirchner; peroy@globetree.org Cell: +46 708 160987
Invitation and program will be translated into English!
The first day we organise a party for children living in the slum and in the streets – we all get together for the preparations. Children and youth from Dandora who have been on tour in Sweden with the performances My Life and Child’s Life will be your guides showing their every day lives next to one of the biggest dump sites of Africa. Mtoto wa Dandora (Children of Dandora) is an NGO which has just recently been founded by young people in Dandora. The organisation supports vulnerable children and offer them lessons in drama. You will also meet children in schools and sit together with children at Children’s Meeting Place at United Nations in Nairobi.  If you wish to join a safari to Maasai Mara we will help you with the booking.

Latest News 2019

Gift Vouchers

We can offer Gift Vouchers for 100 SEK, 200 SEK and 500 SEK. They are nice presents for birthdays, Christmas or in memory of friends who passed away – instead of flowers. The income of the Gift Vouchers support children in Dandora and other places in Kenya to go to school. All income from the Gift Vouchers go 100% to the children. We wish to thank our friend Lars Lagerholm who has organised for the Gift Vouchers and Infoservice in Kalmar – the company printing the cards for free.

We had a great time in Kenya January 2016

Visit to UN


Christmas Party

Latest News 2019

Visiting a school

Latest News 2019

Dandora music

Latest News 2019

Childrens Climate Conference in Södertälje

November 2015
Children’s Climate Conference (CCC2015) was organized by Telge Energi in Södertälje just south of Stockholm. Globetree was asked to help by inviting children from 25 countries representing all continents, be advisors to the planning team, assist with workshops and lead the seminar for the adult leaders of the children. We accepted the mission. The climate is the greatest challenge facing the world. Everyone need to support – to do what we can! The children were invited as Official country delegates to the City Hall of Södertälje, where they talked about climate change that they already can observer where they live.
The thoughts, concerns, visions and proposals for the future that the CCC2015 agreed upon became a message to the big UN Climate conference in Paris COP21.
Video: Act like a kid
Video from Kenya

GT 2015-11-26 CCC invigning IMG_6575

Globeday at Stockholm City Hall

November 2015
The theme for this year’s Globe Days: How to make the Children’s Meeting Place at the UN in Nairobi more visible, accessible, sustainable, fun and exciting!
The GlobeDays became a fantastic creative workshop where 130 children and adults from 26 countries – from all continents! – met with students and teachers from six City districts of Stockholm. All came with ideas and worked on models to make the Children’s Meeting Place Children’s Meeting Place at the United Nations in Nairobi more visible, accessible, fun and exciting.
Adults – the leaders and teachers – participated in an Open Café. The theme: How can we adults give support to the children’s ideas – from ideas to action!

Water Ceremony
All adults – Guests of Honor, lecturers, teachers, chaperons and volunteers were deeply moved when the children united their water and soil in Our Uniting Water and Soil Ceremony at the City Hall. The children brought a bowl of water and a handful of soil from a place they care for at home. One by one the children came up to the Crystal Bowl and shared their concern for their water and soil.
The children read their Water and Soil Declaration and handed over united water and soil to the Guests of Honor. The sound of a seashell led the way to the Children’s Meeting Place, the old oak tree at the Courtyard. The Guests of Honor moved around the tree and gave the united water and soil to the roots of the oak tree.

GT 2015-11-29 Modellbygg & seminarie IMG_6626
GT 2015-11-30 Sthlm Stadshus OUW Paulisalen IMG_6695

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